AL Hewitt, Inc. offers financial planning and investment management services to public safety professionals, individuals, families, and widowers. Advice is provided through consultation with you and may include determining financial objectives, identifying financial problems, prioritizing your short and long-term goals, and identifying life transitions.

We are a FEE-ONLY financial planning and investment management firm.

We are, IN ALL circumstances, compensated solely by the client.

Neither the planner, nor any related party will receive compensation that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial or insurance product. As fee-only financial planners, we provide objective and unbiased advice and are held to a fiduciary standard at all times. It is estimated that only one percent of financial advisors are compensated directly and only from their clients.

How your financial planner is compensated will determine the advice and services you will receive. It is the key difference between a planner and a salesperson; we work for you and NOT for any financial services institution.

Our investment management process is based on the following time-tested principles: asset allocation, portfolio structure, tax management, and utilizing strategies based on scientific evidence rather than on speculation or commercial indexes.

Our firm is approved to offer Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds to our clients. This no-load, low cost institutional fund family is only available to select financial advisors who have been approved by DFA.

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